Asbestos Removal – Fights Back Mesothelioma With $ 2billion Aid

Milions individuals have already been employed in companies whose buildings contained asbestos when information on the dangers of asbestos inhalation reached the main masses. Asbestos was seen as a revolutionary material because of its relatively cheap cost and it high insulating properties. It cause the massive used of this products in ducting, piping and wall installations were there was a need to reduce heat transfer. Later on, they realized that manufacturers were concealing the after effects of asbestos exposure due to the high financial gains they were receiving from its production.


Beginning of the end for Asbestos

The side effect of asbestos exposure began in 1966 when a group of workers at an asbestos factory sued the factory for compensation due to their exposure to asbestos. The original case was lost, but it was reopened in 1970 when the courts ruled in favor of the plaintiff and awarded him $70,000 that would translate to $500,000 today. This gave rise to the passing of the clean air act of 1970 that made asbestos manufacturers liable for lawsuit due to asbestos exposure. Many companies bankruptcy and going out of business.


Asbestos Removal

Many dangers of asbestos lies in its inhalation makes public buildings such as schools, and it made many people worry and concern about how to deal with asbestos. If the asbestos is not disturbed, then it does not pose a threat to the environment. Though it is better to remove it, and when such place like schools doing removal job, it is natural that the asbestos particles will become dislodged. As a result, those in the immediate environment will be at risk.

So, for such kind of buildings, asbestos removal should be reserved only to buildings schedule for demolition were the particles will become air born after the demolition. Or if the asbestos can be contained, then it would have the same effect of removing it. The measure for removal job include deep sealing where asbestos that is good condition is encapsulated in some form of semi-plastic or foam that can prevents its release even if disturbed after. If asbestos is in good condition, label the building asbestos was used un uts construction. This will make individuals aware of the dangers of asbestos exposure and then make decisions accordingly. All new buildings must be constructed without the use of asbestos.


UN leading the way with Asbestos Removal

The United Nations building will undertake a 2 billion makeover of its office in New York to voice the fight against mesothelioma. This project slated to begin in 2014 is to be used as a beacon for the fight of mesothelioma. This makeover involves the removal of all asbestos-based materials, repair leaking roofs and install energy saving devices to reduce its carbon footprint.


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